RM2 Sushi coming to town~~ (Part 2)

9:24:00 AM

Last Wednesday i went for the Sushi King AGAIN
since i am so that NOT satisfied
with the one we ate at
Mahkota Cheras
This time we went for the Midvalley LG branch
and same a not very long queue

We waited for quite some time as they serve
the customers group with more then 2pp first
(Seeing pp with groups that come after us to be serve first
really make me mad =.= )
But the most inconceivable is
they ask us whether we want s
hare a table with others!
Who want to eat and face other pp who come from no where i know!!

It serve more variety of Sushi here and
Unagi is the one that enjoy the most and
i insist to eat 1 more plate b4 going~~


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