tO my bEst frIEnd......

8:14:00 AM

Yesterday, reading on my friend previously blog
she said that her friend told her that she is not a "good" fren to them
what mean by not GOOD to them??
-she is not sharing her feeling
-thay felt cannot share their things with her

ERM..... ya... i know what they mean,

she really rarely sharring in front of us.
But does it means that she will not be a GOOD Friend?
Eventhough she is not sharing all her feelings with me,
i still treat her as my BEST BEST friend,


to me, there are many types of friends...
*some of them hear my need and cry with me
*some of them give me advice and walk with me
*some of them make memorable times with me, and she is the ONE!!!

She stand quite an important place in my life
because she make my life full with nice memories......
there are many experiences that we have ran through
which others will never taste of
there are many times that we went without speaking

Although she is not sharing herself nor understand my feeling
but she still the best for me
In another way she share her times with me!!!

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2 clOvErs' wOrds

  1. hmm...good friend ar..
    for some people...
    you not sharing your feeling = not good freind
    coz they will think that good friend should share everything together~
    so the defination is depend on people lo..

  2. 对我来说,



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